3 Email Marketing Software To Build Customer Relationships

Mar 18


At sign indicating Email MarketingSocial media is all the rage these days but good old email marketing software promotions are still hot for a lot of marketers.  Sure people are a bit wary about emails due to spamming but isn’t everyone wary these days with all the constant stimuli we have coming at us from all different angles?

Email marketing and promotion has shown itself to be an effective medium in reaching people.  It’s no wonder that people are still building opt in lists.  Some of the more successful people online have gotten a lot of business by creating lists from opt in services like the ones below.

Vertical Response Email Marketing

These guys seem to have a website with an interface that is user friendly.  They are not just email marketing which may or may not be a good thing.  There fee for their email marketing service can be paid monthly or per email.  However, the monthly plan may be the most cost effective since it lets you send unlimited emails for about $10 a month at the time of this post.

Looking to do an email newsletter, they have tons of premade templates that you can select from.  There are literally hundreds which mean you should find something to fit your business’ profile.

They also offer a nice advantage for non-profits. Non-profits get free emails up to the 10,000 mark without having to pay a dime.

Other services they offer are image hosting, which some people use for their email newsletters, and postcard printing, of course there’s an additional fee for this.  They’ll let you try their service for a whole month before you make a decision.


This email marketing service is quite popular with a lot of people, me included. There’s no need to be a techie.  You get a “what you see is what you get” interface when working with them.  You can even build forms from templates to have people opt-in on your website.  I haven’t had cause to use their customer service much but I haven’t really heard any complaints about them either.

They don’t host images but they do have a bunch of templates you can select from for your emails.  For those who are in to social media, you can even integrate them with Facebook.  What’s more you can set up the system to broadcast your messages.

I must tell you that one of the things I just love about them besides the fact that this is a great way to build a list, is that there are a lot of pointers which can be valuable for newbies and professionals alike.  They send emails and the educational value in those are just phenomenal.  They also boast that they have quite a high email deliverability rate.

If you can’t tell, yes I love Aweber, and the good thing is you can try them out for $1.  Five hundred (500) emails for a $1 who can argue with such value.  After that there is a flat fee that should be compatible with any budget.  If you fall in love with their service the way I have you can promote it and get paid.


Their website seems to be easy enough to navigate.  Prices appear comparable to the standard industry rates, but there is a vast range depending on the amount of emails you will be sending.  Like Vertical Response they have a non-profit special but there service is not free like Vertical Response’s.

They will let you take the system for a free 30 day test drive!

Build your emails through their drag and drop feature so you don’t have to know anything about HTML coding to get the job done.  They too offer you templates for building your emails and forms.  With this service you are also able to do surveys which can help you customize the information you provide customers and contacts.


I may get paid, if you decide to sign up with these email marketing services.  Keep in mind that every email marketing software provider will have their own strengths and weaknesses.  Investigate them well, check out their use policies to ensure that your needs won’t violate their policies and get your account shut down.

Do your homework to ensure they will be a fit for you and your needs. However, testing them out should not be a problem with since there are usually no contract and a free or nominal fee trial period.

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Image: Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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