Duplication A Myth In Network Marketing

Apr 03


After being in two network marketing companies (one of them would probably balk at that discription–some prefer direct marketing) the idea that duplication is king really bugs me.

A lot of people allude to Network Marketing Companies as being similar to franchises where everything is cookie cuttered and you just plug and play.

The uplines give you a script and send you out into the world. But is duplication a formula for success? A lot of the top guys say that this is the way to get to the top of this type of business.

However, the idea that duplication in network marketing is the way to succeed is just an old record playing again and again.

If you are in or ever have been in a network marketing company you know that record. The record goes something like this…here’s what you do…make a list…contact the list and push until you’ve got X number of people.

Your recruits will then be taught the same thing you do. And so the cycle will go and soon everyone will have their dreams come true.

However, the failures which are greater than 90% in this field say something different. Sure there is a rule that states 80% of people won’t get much done.

So, if roughly 5% of network marketers are seeing marked success, what are the other 15% doing? Are they sitting on their hands? Are they failing because they aren’t following the “duplicable” strategies they’ve been fed by their uplines?

Why not tell people the truth? Duplication is a myth of network marketing. Sure we want people excited but wouldn’t it be better to kill their dreams right out the gate. There’ll always be those who buy in anyway, even when they’ve been told they’ll have to do work and then give up.

If duplication doesn’t work why do so many companies preach it? Admittedly, my answer may appear to be a contradiction of what I have already written.

Nonetheless, I’ll say it, duplication is preached because it helps people take action. It allows newbies and those who have previously failed to start getting into the mindset they’ll need to be in if they need to really succeed in this business model.

Duplication is a myth, because the average person joining a network marketing company will not be able to generate the high numbers of sales and recruit enough fellow distributors to grow their business in a way that will allow them to design the lives they’ve been dreaming about.

What Do You Do If Duplication Is A Myth and You Are Trying To Build A Business?

The answer is simple if the old strategies don’t work then find new ones. Well maybe not simple, but it’s what a lot of those who have excelled by going online have done.

This training series can show you how to build your business. The is a free training.

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  1. Those wiser persons who are doing really well in network marketing said that if you have not failed in network marketing than you are not learning anything. Until you are not going to fail, how you supposed to learn techniques. I think learning from other is best way to get success.

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