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Mar 14

Picture of an opt in email formOpt in email marketing software is a mainstay for most serious bloggers and other people who want to build up a list of customers or clients. The saying that the money is in the list is now cliche. As any experienced opt-in marketer will tell you, when someone joins your list they become potential customers if they have yet to buy any products or services.

When your list grows, so does the possibility of getting new customers. More importantly, growing your list allows you to have a group on hand that could mean return business. For many, a big list means big bucks.

Surely, you could attempt to grow your list manually but doing so is not really efficient or effective. Opt in email marketing can get time intensive since much of the marketing occurs in a subtle way. Most successful email marketers know that for this tool to work to their advantage they have to build a relationship with the people on the list.

These subscribers are not just numbers. By building a relationship with your list of subscribers you can help them get to know your company, products and services better. Wise marketing means building customer loyalty. This can be done by giving your prospects an education that lets them know you really care about them.

An opt in email marketing software can help you keep things organized and automated. There are quite a few on the market and depending that can fit into even a small business budget.

The nice thing about automating the process of opt in email marketing is that the software can store the list of your subscribers as well as messages you want to communicate to them. These email marketing software can do quite a bit.

For example, I use Aweber which is a email marketing software that allows people to opt in to your list. However, it can do much more than that. It can help you send different messages to subscribers based on segmentation criteria you choose. You can send messages to individuals that are personalized.

Most marketers are aware that they need to test to find the best way to get their message across. With a good opt in email marketing software you will be able to do just that. You can test out the messages you send to see which works best to get prospects acting on your marketing pitch. Test different opt-in forms to see which works best.

An opt in email marketing software can save you help you save time, build a great relationship and keep track of your subscribers and their actions.


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