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Mar 17



Opt in Emails, dough men on a globe and email graphicWhen you’re thinking of ways to get your business going opt in emails may be the way to go. If you have not employed this tool before it can be an effective promotional and marketing tool to add to your catalog of strategies.

Lots of marketers both on and offline have embraced the use of opt in emails and this may be a great way to build a relationship with your target population.

Opt in emails can be used creatively.  This does not mean a constant stream of hard marketing since consistently bombarding your prospects can cause them to become fatigued with your message.

However, you could use the opportunity provided to build a list.  To build this list effectively you will need a software program.  There are lots of great programs that provide email marketing services and allow names to be collected so that further communication can take place in the future.

Why would people opt in to your email list?  Value!  Subscribers as they are called, usually opt in to your email because they expect something of worth in exchange.

What can you offer them that will entice them to opt in to your business’ email list?  Well, that depends on your business.  Some people offer information, others offer discounts, free consultations, or coupons.

Usually, collecting the smallest amount of information from your prospects when they sign up is seen as the best way to go. However, if you happen to collect other kinds of data, such as preferences, you can use that data to segment your leads for follow-up.

Contacting the people on your business’ opt in email list overtime can foster a feeling that you care about them as more than customers.  Most emails that you send may contain great information with a call to action.  A smaller percentage of emails can be used to do in your face marketing with blatant advertising.

Using opt in email for your business in this way builds a stronger more targeted list than you would get from buying a list from someone.  If you have your own opt in email list you will have more people who are interested in your business.

Subscribers will be more likely to open emails when you send them compared to random strangers that you contact. More opened emails can mean more business and a lesser likelihood that email companies mark your emails as spam. 

Spam emails are less likely to be delivered.  Undelivered emails mean missed opportunities and if you have bought a list—lost investments.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a email autoresponder yet, I highly recommend Aweber.

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