Is Network Marketing A Business Opportunity or A Scam?

Mar 01

There are plenty of skeptics who label network marketing as a scheme. Admittedly, network marketing has gotten a black eye time and again because of the broadcasting of the the malicious use of this business model by some companies. Most people are therefore wary of network marketing because of this type of exposure.

Some people have gone so far as to label this type of business a scam. However, investigation of the motives may reveal that people simply lack knowledge about the more positvie sides of network marketing.

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Five More Myths About Network Marketing

Feb 26

  This is part II of a post that started out talking about what seemed to be the top ten network marketing myths.  The first post got a bit long so I decided to break it into two parts instead. So, here are another five myths that you may have heard if you are a struggling (or not) network marketer. 1) Myth: Selling the product is the most important thing in...

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Network Marketing, What is it?

Dec 27

Network marketing is the quickest way to make money. It will make you rich in no time at all with very little money, very little effort, very little work. Within the blink of an eye, you’ll be jetting away in your very expensive car, living in your great big mansion, buying yourself all the goodies you ever wanted and you’ll never ever have to worry about money for again for as long as you live. Network marketing is the savior of the world. Hold it…you may be asking yourself right now…is this for real or is it pure hogwash?

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